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January 2017

Dear Readers,

Happy New Year! Finally, my new book, THE RELUCTANT HIGHLANDER, is in production (which means written, edited, copyedited, and in the final stages for publication in June!)

The heroine, who is also the “reluctant” one, is “Devil” Ormiston’s younger sister, Fiona, who appeared in DEVIL’S MOON. Since then, she has become a maid of honor to Queen Joanna, James I’s English wife, and has moved with the royal court to Blackfriars Monastery just outside St. John’s Town of Perth.

THE RELUCTANT HIGHLANDER began as a Border story but soon changed to include a Highland warrior, Sir Àdham MacFinlagh, a Clan Chattan loyalist who comes to Perth to attend the Captain of Clan Chattan while the royal Parliament meets there. Àdham is also the nephew and foster son of Fin of the Battles (HIGHLAND MASTER). Àdham rescues Fiona when the last thing she wants is to be rescued, and the next thing they know is that the King thinks they’d make a wonderful, politically beneficial match. Fiona disagrees, and, well, you get the gist. Lots of action, lots of humor, lots of fun.

If you are reading this, wondering about the long gap between my books, which had come out regularly, two a year, for years, it’s because on May 5, 2015, we learned abruptly that my husband had cancer, a sort described to us as virulent and aggressive. My writing came to an immediate halt, although I was less than a month from turning in the book. I’m happy to say that at present he is cancer free, so although we’re still living with fingers crossed, things are good.

OTHER NEWS: I will be signing books again this year at the Sacramento Valley Scottish Games in Woodland on April 29 & 30; the Costa Mesa Scots Fest Memorial Day weekend, (May 27 & 28 this year); then the Northwest Highland Games at the Enumclaw, WA, Expo Center July 29 & 30; Pleasanton, CA (San Francisco games) on Labor Day weekend, Sept 2 & 3; and possibly Estes Park, CO, Sept 9-10.

Please remember that nearly all of my books are available as eBooks (see Booklist). My pre-Warner backlist books (except for the three contemporaries from Doubleday & Omaha Historical Architecture, published by Landmarks, Inc) are available in eBook form at the usual online outlets and in audio from You will find buy-links to Amazon here on my website and buy-links to all available electronic forms on my page at OPEN ROAD MEDIA ( 

I want to thank all of you who took the time and trouble to write to me, to ask about the dry period and to offer your heartfelt thoughts and prayers. Your concern meant and still means a great deal to me and to him.

I always love hearing from readers, so don't hesitate to use the email link at the bottom of the page or my Facebook Author Page ( ) to write to me anytime. I answer every message (eventually), and if you're searching for older books of mine, I can often help with that, too.  If you don’t receive a reply within a week, write again and let me know. I can get a gazillion messages in a day if I've been away, and I may just need a reminder.

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As always, I thank you all for your comments, suggestions, and encouragement, and for your continued support at book-signings, Scottish games, and festivals. Most of all, I thank you for so generously continuing to buy my books.

Suas Alba! —Amanda


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